Chess Lesson Modules

Why buy chess DVDs that cost $35 or more when all you wanted was

to learn one thing?

Each Chess Thinker module is a chess lesson that covers one subject. 

Buy only the module you are interested in.  Watch them as many

times as you need to learn that subject.

Get them for your self or your kids.  Also great if you are in charge of

a chess club or group.  Show one lesson module at the beginning of

each meeting. Just like having a professional chess teacher at each

and every meeting!

The chess lesson lessons are by NM Donny Gray.  Find out why he is

one the most popular chess teachers on the ICC (Internet Chess

Club).  He is Curmudgeon on the ICC.

Send an email listing which lesson modules you want and an invoice

will be sent back to you. Buy one or all of them.  Each module is $8.     

Check back often as we are adding new modules all the time.  Plans

are to have at least 100 of them.  If you have a request for a certain

chess lesson just let me know and I will consider making a module on

that subject!!

Donny Gray
The GrayKnight Chess Associatio is now organizing and promoting scholastic chess in the Brunswick//St Simons Island GA area.
Module 001 Rules of Chess
Module 002 Queen Mate
Module 003 Rook Mate
Module 007 Bishop & Knight Mate
Module 008 Lucena Position
Module 010 King In The Center
Module 014 Queen & Pawns
Module 013 Opposition
Module 006 Famous Rook Position
Module 012 Mate In One Challenge
Module 011 Bizarre Endings
Module 009 King Against 2 Pawns
Module 005 Famous Pawn Position
Module 004 2 Bishop Mate
Module 021 Pins
Module 020 Fortress
Module 019 Backward Pawns
Module 018 Rook Against 2 Pawns
Module 017 King On the 6th
Module 016 Creating A Passed Pawn
Module 015 Smothered Mate