GrayKnight Chess Association
GrayKnight Chess Association 2022
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Questions & Answers How are the sections structured? Section 1 - ( Grades K-3) Section 2 - (Grades 4-5) Section 3 - (Grades 6-8) Section 4 - (Grades 9-12) Section 5 - (Adult) Can a player play up a section? Yes! You can always play up, just not down a section. How many players make up a team? A team can be from just 1 player to 4. If you have more than 4 players, then the top 4 player's scores will be used for the team score & tiebreakers What time do players need to be at the tournament? Players need to check in between 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. the day of the tournament even if you have pre-registered, the earlier the better. If you show up late you can still play in the tournament you just may have to skip round 1. What tie break systems will you use? We utilize the USCF recommended Tie-Break systems for Swiss tournaments: 1. Modified Median 2. Solkoff 3. Cumulative 4. Cumulative of Opposition How many byes can you have? You may request up to 2 byes for a tournament before the tournament begins. Each bye is worth 1/2 point. These requested byes are different than a full point bye you recieve if there is an odd number of players for any round. This type of bye is worth 1 full point.